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Hello, my name is Wolfgang Flatow©

Researcher, Inventor, Software Analyst & Developer

New theory: Gravity builds hollow spheres

New discovery: Australines - 1774 nautical mile megalithic deep ocean structures

My Work - Invention

I have a life long history of invention and innovation.

In 1975 I became lead R&D at the Sun Energy Corporation and while there I met and worked with Yull Brown of Browns Gas fame. At his Sydney laboratory I learned that we can store solar energy as hydrogen with 100% efficiency and no loss over time, then use it as a transport fuel or convert to electricity with fuel cells. This sparked ongoing investigation into these fields.

1979 I invented several Solar Irrigation pump designs and in 1985 I was granted a patent for a Black Fluid collector that was tested at Curtin University to be over 92% efficient..

1987 I designed, built and sailed a 100% solar powered catamaran. Almost circumnavigated the World by solar power with Ben Lexcan.

Around this time I became a computer programmer, developing several successful games, one of the first customer queuing systems and a Y2K solution.

In 2002 I was granted a patent for a Universal Database Schema that became the Unidap product.

In 2018 I have discovered/invented/developed a Hyper-dimensional Crypto Vault technology. The first implementation of this technology is keyBlock. This will keep me busy for a while...


  • Peace
  • Ecologic Rescue of Earth
  • Solar Energy and green power
  • Free Energy Technologies
  • Global Energy Monopoly
  • FIAT Manipulation
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Trustless Internet Money
  • Commodity Manipulation
  • Underground Bases
  • Antarctica
  • Network Funding
  • Physics, Harmonics and Synergy
  • Anti gravity & space flight
  • Space Exploration
  • Zacharia Sitchin - Earth Chronicles
  • Ancient Astronauts
  • Giza - Pyramids on Earth
  • Cedonia - Pyramids on Mars
  • Iapetus - Artificial Moon
  • Earth History
  • Extraterrestrial Civilisations
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Inter-Galactic Life
  • Inner Life


We create our World by our thoughts. Thoughts form reality. Change your mind to change your World. See the virtues of your brothers and sisters and overlook their faults.

We have allowed evil into our World and we can replace it with Love.

The foreign corporations posing as our Government must be exposed & extracted. Sovereignty, economic control and common law restored to the people.

The thieves must be arrested. Rights and resources stolen by force and fraud returned.

Flat Earth PSYOP: For those afflicted...