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Hello, my name is Wolfgang Flatow©

Researcher, Inventor, Systems Analyst & Designer

New theory: Gravity builds hollow spheres

New discovery: Australines - 1774 nautical mile megalithic deep ocean structures

My Work - Invention

I have a life long history of invention and innovation.

In 1975 I became lead R&D at the Sun Energy Corporation and while there I met and worked with Yull Brown of Browns Gas fame. At his Sydney laboratory I learned that we can store solar energy as hydrogen with 100% efficiency and no loss over time, then use it as a transport fuel or convert to electricity with fuel cells. This sparked ongoing investigation into these fields.

1979 I invented several Solar Irrigation pump designs and in 1985 I was granted a patent for a Black Fluid collector that was tested at Curtin University to be over 92% efficient..

1987 I designed, built and sailed a 100% solar powered catamaran. Almost circumnavigated the World by solar power with Ben Lexcan.

Around this time I became a computer programmer, developing several successful games, one of the first customer queuing systems and a Y2K solution.

In 2002 I was granted a patent for a Universal Database Schema that became the Unidap product.

In 2018 I have discovered/invented/developed a Fractal Crypto Vault technology. The first implementation of this technology is kiMūni. This will keep me busy for a while...

Major Concepts & Systems

Fractal Vaults. kiMūni implements a new class of Crypto Foundation called keyBlock that allows crypto money to be stored and secured in Fractal Space. This discovery/invention/development is as historical and momentous as that of blockchain. While keyBlock technology does not use blockchain it solves similar problems using a totally different paradigm!
Simulator for Solar, Wind & Grid Hybrid Systems.
Simulates electric energy used by appliances, when it is used and how much. Simulates Solar Systems using local solar irradiation data. Predicts ROI and Battery life.
Solar Robotic Barge.
A realistic and feasible solution to clean up the trillions of pieces of plastic garbage now building in massive Ocean Gyres around the World. We have caused an International Ecological Disaster in the form of millions of tons of floating plastic trash, that are accumulating in continent size Plastic Trash Gyres in Oceans around the World. This is project aims to clean up our mess...
Universal Database Schema.
Founder of CertainEdge Pty Ltd and uniDap Solutions Pty Ltd, Inventor, Concept Designer, and developer of the uniDap Web Application Platform. A solution for data and structural fragmentation in enterprise platforms. Virtually instant changes to storage and corresponding interfaces are possible without downtime, rollouts or unit testing - the database and delivery code does not change.
xChess - A Hexagonal Chess Game.
A Hexagonal Chess Game invented in 1973. While different hexagonal chess version have since been published, this is the neatest and most compact.
Rules PDF  Chess Board PDF 
Black Fluid Solar Hot Water System.
This solar hot water system is a new collector concept I invented and developed that was prototyped in Perth and tested at Curtin University at over 90% efficiency. The 1988 stock market crash halted its commercialisation. The patent has lapsed - go for it...


  • Peace
  • Ecologic Rescue of Earth
  • Solar Energy and green power
  • Free Energy Technologies
  • Exposing Global Energy Monopoly
  • Exposing FIAT Manipulation
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Trustless Internet Money
  • Exposing Commodity Manipulation
  • Exposing Underground Bases
  • Exposing Antarctica Mysteries
  • Networked Funding
  • Physics, Harmonics and Synergy
  • Anti gravity & space flight
  • Space Exploration
  • Zacharia Sitchin - Earth Chronicles
  • Ancient Astronauts
  • Giza - Pyramids on Earth
  • Cedonia - Pyramids on Mars
  • Iapetus - Artificial Moon
  • Real Earth History
  • Extraterrestrial Civilisations
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Inter-Galactic Life
  • Inner Life


We create our World by our thoughts. Thoughts form reality. Change your mind to change your World. See the virtues of your brothers and sisters and overlook their faults.

We have allowed evil into our World and we can replace it with Love.

The foreign corporations posing as our Government must be exposed & extracted. Sovereignty, economic control and common law restored to the people.

The thieves must be arrested. Rights and resources stolen by force and fraud returned.

Flat Earth PSYOP: For those afflicted...