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Greetings from the CEO

            2018 marks the end of a most eventful decade in the history of money, wealth and economics. From the
            2008 banks’ freeze triggered by the collapse of gigantic institutions to the current crisis of confidence in
            banks, what a contrast we have seen in the past decade. Simultaneous with the disintegration of the
            solidity that banking represented, another more nimble, diffusive, amorphous, formless and pervasive
            technology started to make its presence felt - bitcoin.

            Going by its sheer magnitude and impact on the established order (touching $0.8 trillion at its highs as of
            end 2017), we can deduce that cryptocurrencies are profound. So much so that banks had to admit in their
            annual reports in March 2018 for the first time that these new technologies pose a risk to their business
            models, and bank CEOs made public statements that cryptocurrencies are to be strictly shunned and
            guarded with intransigence. The year 2017 had proven an annus mirabilis for many crypto fans, and a
            betenoir for banks. It is a scarily unsettling time for some representing and guarding the old world, and at
            the same time a windfall and a never before seen promise for many who are ready to embrace the new

            Opportunities to create whole new industries present themselves very rarely in history. The internet and
            Smartphone started this revolution. Now cryptocurrencies are taking humanity to another dimension.
            Thanks to bitcoin, and its underlying cryptographic technologies, we are faced with the possibility of
            redefining important large institutions such as investment banks and stock exchanges. If the last few
            decades hadn't already put the power back in the hands of technocrats, wielding it from capitalists and
            industrialists, such a clear tipping point is upon us right now. This is another rare chance at creating the
            future, disturbing the equilibrium of power, and redistributing the world’s wealth. We would be unwise to
            miss it!

            A moment of recognition that the next wave of power brokers may be let loose; that the shakeup of status-
            quo is imminent; that the stakes may well be with those who are the quickest to decipher the crypto
            wonderland, and to invest it with their time, intellect and capital!
            For swathes of technophiles in finance, has there been a more exciting time than now?
            For hordes of opportunists, could they hope for a more propitious time?

            This moment belongs to the crypto adventurer!

            The question to ponder is not “Will crypto be the future?”
            The question to ponder is “What will YOU be in the new crypto economy?”
            The chorus on everyone’s lips is … What is our place in this new landscape?
            We cannot afford to be unprepared for this new world.
            We ought to grab opportunities to play a constructive and pioneering role in phasing out the old world, and
            paving way for a new.

            We  are  one  of  the  few  base  layer  infrastructure  builders  like  ethereum  of  this  new  crypto
            economy, in the $87 trillion gigantic capital markets. To start with, we are creating the NASDAQ
            of tomorrow, fully run on smart contracts! A public electronic platform where any company from
            any industry and any geography can raise capital in a matter of seconds from global investors, by
            issuing shares or bonds as tokens. No investment banks, and no IPO fees to be paid.

            Our vision is Unstoppable Capital!

            A global borderless marketplace for capital!

            Come create history with us!

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