Page 9 - Himalaya Labs White Paper 3 June
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Himalaya Capital Exchange aims to build a Crypto economic network/platform to combine the
            best features of the first two internet eras: community-governed, decentralised networks that
            put the power back in the hands of the people.

            We at Himalaya Labs are the category pioneers. We presented the world’s first concept paper on
            decentralising capital markets in June 2017. In keeping with our Himalayan ambition to fete exalted
            geniuses, we hosted The Himalaya Crypto Summit 25-26 May 2018 at Taj Mahal Place Mumbai, where we
            launched Himalaya ICO White Paper with Nick Szabo participating.

            This  is  your  personal  invitation  to  participate  in  the  Himalaya  Pre-ICO  and  become  a  change

            Arifa Khan,
            CEO, Himalaya Labs

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