1774 Nautical Miles of gun barrel straight parallel lines of the Australian Coast

Adjacent to these lines are extremely regular square grid structures, hexagonal mesas and massive dome structures.

Questioning established theory

We question established theory regarding very long , very straight undersea lines found around Australia. The official explanation is that 'Large parallel lines = tectonic fissures'.

Nature abhores straight lines

Very long and perfectly straight lines are generally associated with artificial structures, such as roads, railway lines and power lines - not natural formations.

New Theory

In order to account for the extraordinary geometric regularity in the Australines and related structures, we propose a primary theory of 'Ancient Megalithic Structure'.

Massive 3507 Nautical Mile Perth Line

Massive 3507 Nautical Mile Perth Line

This line is a standout for its distance and absolute gun barrel straightness. This goes against any possible theory of 'tectonic fissure'! No forces can possibly function naturally over such a distance with such geometric precission.

  • 16.2% of Earths circumference
  • Gun barrel straight
  • Traversing diverse terrain
  • Consistent rail/ribbed structure
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Australines "Pacific Highway"

A 1774 Nautical Mile line from Tasmania to East of Tagula Island, hugging the East Australian Coast consisting of 3 gun barrel straight sections joined end to end.

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Zooming in shows accuracy

Using Google Earth you can zoom in to the lines and match them up with the red line marker. The line is 6 - 7 nautical miles wide with consistent internal structure.

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Massive square grid areas

An area 60 x 40 nautical miles of Byron Bay contains massive areas of a precision square grid, each square 0.66 nautical miles in size!

Too much geometric straight line and square grid precision.

If you found a terrain feature that was preciseley straight for 10 miles you would no doubt find that extraordinary, and begin to question it's 'natural' origin.

How much more so when this is the case for 1774 or 3504 nautical miles? These are staggering distances by any standards! A line along the ocean floor that is absolutely straight, containing a consistent ribbing structure between two parallel edges several miles apart, for the entire distance over thousands of nautical miles is extraordinary, to say the least.

To find that these straight lines create distinct patterns and are associated with 'interesting' adjacent structures, including a consistently sized high precision square grid pattern (0.66 x 0.66nm squares) adds fuel to the speculation. What are we really looking at?

I have mapped all the locations of straight lines and square grids in the above map. Zoom in to explore the line and grid structures.