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of  moral  hazard,  double  dealing,  and  conflicts  of  interest  that  so  characterise  the
            failures of our capitalist society. To the extent that our capital markets are imperfect in
            allowing capital flow to those with a fair probability of success given a chance, we as a
            society  will  have  failed  in  tending  to  all  sections,  and  in  ensuring  human  progress
            remains on a higher trajectory.

            Absolute Power

            We have vested our institutions with absolute power for a long time, only to see the
            principles for which they were instituted severely compromised.

            •  We see democracies moving towards dictatorships.

            •  We  see  nations  teetering  on  the  brink  of  poverty,  being  exploited  for  resources  or
               decimated, for power struggles.

            •  We see the gatekeepers of our capital, gambling with our money recklessly causing
               crises which take years to recuperate from.

            •  We  see  political  representatives  appointed  to  champion  our  values,  quite  often
               diverge and seek their own vested interests which are diabolically and diametrically
               opposite to ours.

            Figure 1       Money Supply in the World

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